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Carlton Landing Rentals are the Perfect Getaway

Carlton Landing Rentals are the Perfect Getaway

I received a complimentary night’s stay in one of the Carlton Landing rentals in Oklahoma. All opinions are my own. I can’t wait to share these photos with you!

Over the past year or so, we’ve driven through Oklahoma several times. But until recently, we had never stayed there – it was just some really pretty ground we covered on our way to a different destination. Every time we’ve ever crossed the Red River, that sliver of almost shockingly-vibrant dirt bisected by a brown ribbon of water, I’ve said to everyone in the car, “I love Oklahoma! It’s just so pretty!”

And it really is. A state awash in reds and blues and greens, its rolling hills a sharp contrast to the flat North Texas landscape, it’s just a pretty place to drive through. I always want to see more.

Flowers Lake EufalaLast month, Charles and I escaped to Calton Landing at Lake Eufala in Eufala, Oklahoma, for a quick overnight getaway (no kids, WHAT WHAT!). Carlton Landing, which is a luxury community full of gorgeous homes and family-friendly amenities situated on Lake Eufala, is also a family vacation spot with rentals available.

Carlton Landing Town Center

After turning into Carlton Landing we soon find ourselves driving down a miles-long road that led us peacefully away from the real world and into one of the most stunning views I’ve ever stumbled upon in my life. Seriously, you guys – we drove for miles down a tree-lined country road and then it just opened up into THIS:

Lake Eufala

Panoramic Lake Eufala

Lake Eufala ViewsWe stayed in an adorable apartment. At night, we sat on the deck and looked at the stars, and I realized I couldn’t even remember the last time I had seen so many stars in the sky. We just don’t have the same kind of clear skies where we live.

Lake Eufala Rentals

Inside Lake Apartment

Inside Apartment

Mud Room

Cute DecorI loved the Americana and down-home feel of the town center at Carlton Landing. If you visit on a weekend, you’ll have access to a food truck and a restaurant (with food sourced from the community’s garden!). If you visit during the week, bring food – local dining options are scarce (although you can drive into town and eat!).

Kids will love being able to roam and explore the lake. Grab a kayak or rent a boat to really take advantage of all Lake Eufala has to offer! There are also bikes to ride and plenty of places to walk.

Carlton Landing

Black Eyed Susan

Town Center

Boat House

American FlagYou can find out more about Carlton Landing rentals here. 

Boat House

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Well how cute is that town?? So very cute! You took some awesome pics. Did you bring the Lumix with you??!! How nice to have a night away from your kids too 🙂

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