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Easy Craft for Kids: Framed Button Heart

Easy Craft for Kids: Framed Button Heart

Claire was sick today, which meant we spent the day indoors. She spent most of the day clinging to me, and took a couple of naps for good measure. But she’s three, so…she still wanted to play and needed to be entertained. And frankly, I did too! So we busted out a couple of crafts I’ve had in my head for awhile now but haven’t had the time to actually sit down and do.

Turns out, I really did have the time for these. They were super simple…both crafts took less than 15 minutes, total, to complete. And the one I am going to share now was so simple, Claire was able to do it herself, with very minimal assistance. This framed button heart was intended as a Valentine’s day decoration…but it’s *so* cute, I’m going to put it in her room and leave it up year-round!

Button Craft for KidsAll you need for this craft is a bunch of buttons (I used some we picked up in the dollar area at Michaels – darn you Michaels for making me buy ALL THE BUTTONS, ALL THE TIME!), some glue, and a piece of card stock with a heart on it (to make it even easier, I have a printable heart you can download). 

Button Craft SuppliesI applied the glue and let Claire choose the buttons and apply them. I told her to put the flat side of the buttons in the glue, and she got it. I moved a couple of buttons here and there, but really? She did this almost entirely on her own.

Pink Buttons

Gluing ButtonsI liked this craft because it was easy and required minimal supervision on my part…and it turned out SO DARN CUTE. Claire liked it because she could do it herself, and I loved seeing how proud she was of the finished product!

Framed Button HeartEasy, cheap, and cute…my kind of craft!

You can download a free printable heart (the one I used for this project) here.

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Find me on Facebook for easy recipes, free printables, super simple kid-friendly crafts, and things to do in Dallas. I’d love to have you join me over there!


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Hope your little one feels better soon! And I LOVE this project…and your photos!

What a cute and fun project! I wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this post tonight at the Create & Share Link Party (7:00 PM MST)! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see what you share with us this week 🙂

how sweet! My daughter will love working on a project like this. Thank you for sharing!

What a clever idea! This is a cute and easy project.

Yep, adorable! We’ll be doing this very soon!

What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing — love the tip of using a heart on the background for little ones to fill in!

Such a fun Valentine craft for kids! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!

Hi carrie, nice to see this post “EASY CRAFT FOR KIDS: FRAMED BUTTON HEART” which is really very interesting and easy craft for kids it is fun loving activities for kids.

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