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Bullet Journal Ideas

Bullet Journal Ideas

It’s no secret that I’m a legit planner addict (and planner maker, HOLLA!). My newest planning obsession is bullet journaling. The funny thing is, I’ve really always “bullet journaled” – it just didn’t have a name back when I was a kid (or if it did, I didn’t know it), and until recently, I used regular, lined paper journals instead of official bullet journals with graph paper. 

Bullet Journal Ideas

With my current bullet journaling set up, I feel newly inspired to journal, create, and make something awesome. When I am stuck on a work project or trying to settle a busy brain before bed, I work in my bullet journal. I find that directing all of my energy into creating a new page really helps settle my brain…kind of like coloring does for lots of people (I like to color too, but not as much as I like to create something altogether new). Sometimes, though, I get stuck. So I put together a list of more than 65 bullet journal ideas to help get unstuck…rather than sit around and complain that I can’t think of anything to journal about, I just pull from this list and get after it. 

Bullet Journal Ideas

Many of these prompts are suitable for kids, too – but if you’re looking specifically for some ideas for kids, check out this Bullet Journaling Prompts for Kids post!

Be sure to check out the extra resources at the bottom of this post, as well as my very favorite bullet journal (that I just so happen to make!). 

Bullet Journal Ideas

  • Table of contents
  • Water intake tracker
  • Habit tracker
  • Movies you want to see
  • Movies you have seen (add notes about each movie)
  • Books you want to read
  • Books you have read (add notes about each book)
  • Fall bucket list
  • Winter bucket list
  • Spring bucket list
  • Summer bucket list
  • Memories from each month
  • Meal planning
  • Weekly schedule
  • Daily schedule
  • Monthly schedule

What is Bullet Journaling



  • Annual calendar
  • Track challenges you’re participating in
  • Goals
  • Ideas
  • Track your hours for a week to see where you’re spending your time
  • Places you want to go
  • Vision boards
  • Travel journal
  • Vacation planning
  • Packing List
  • Party planning
  • Favorite quotes
  • Favorite songs
  • Journal (like, actually write in it like you would a “typical” journal)
  • Weather
  • Homework
  • Kids homework
  • House cleaning checklist
  • Dream journaling
  • Budget

What is Bullet Journaling

  • Due dates for bills
  • Money goals
  • Debt payoff countdown
  • Favorite recipes
  • Things you are grateful for
  • Weight tracker
  • Household chores (for yourself and family)
  • Evening routine checklist
  • Morning routine checklist
  • School schedules
  • Sports schedules

What is Bullet Journaling

  • Workout progress
  • Baby names you love (if you’re expecting, or hope to be!)
  • Notes from your day
  • DIY projects you want to try
  • Funny things your kids say
  • New layouts for your furniture 
  • Gallery wall layouts
  • Let your child create a page
  • Favorite websites (add this one! add this one!)
  • Favorite YouTube channels
  • Favorite TV character quotes

Easy Hand Lettering for Planners

  • Favorite literary quotes
  • Favorte Intagram accounts
  • Favorite TV shows
  • TV shows you want to binge-watch
  • Things that make you laugh
  • Things that make you cry
  • Track what time you go to bed/wake up
  • Step tracker

Easy Hand Lettering for Planners

  • Christmas shopping chart (track people, gift ideas, if the gift is purchased, if it’s wrapped, if it’s sent)
  • Wedding plans
  • Newborn feeding/diaper change/sleep charts
  • Favorite things (use pictures and make it extra cute!)
  • Pen testing page (to test all your pens before you start writing in the journal – I have one at the back of mine)

For more great bullet journaling inspiration, check out my friend Amy’s post over at Mainly Homemade about how to get started with a bullet journal.


You can buy a bullet journal here – use code BULLETJOURNALBLOG for 10% off your order. My current favorite bullet journaling pens are these (affiliate link) Tombow TwinTones – they’re amazing!

Bullet Journal Ideas

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These are all fabulous ideas! I love my bullet journal and I use it all the time as my daily planner and journal.

I am starting my first bullet journal im a planner junkie lol i love it im termanlly ill so this is something i can do thankyou for the ideas

I’ve just started journaling, love all your ideas

it was informative
best regards

My bullet journal keeps this homeschool mom of 5 sane! No more random sticky notes :). Great list!

THIS is be exact bullet Jornal I’ve been looking for! Spiral bound grid with 100#! Thank you!!!

OH MY GOSH!!! I simply adore your ideas and darling artwork? You’ve got my mind racing with new, fabulous creativity! THANK YOU so much for sharing with us!!!

Is there a way to see all those pages or have you just posted your list? Thanks.

There are some brilliant ideas here. I’ve just started a bullet journal so this post is really handy x

Em ~

I just love all of your ideas! As soon as I watched the video, I went to get my journal! Thank you for all the great ideas! I will totally use them!

Good ideas love them but can you make some ideas for kids cause I’m just 9!


Your bullet journals are delightful! I want to try one.

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