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Bullet Journal Ideas for Kids

Bullet Journal Ideas for Kids

Earlier this year (or maybe it was last year?! At this point in my life, they all kind of run together…) I wrote a post with more than 70 bullet journal ideas. One day, I received a comment on this post from a young girl saying she was looking for bullet journal ideas for kids and I was like YES I HAVE THOSE FOR YOU.

Bullet Journal Ideas and Prompts for Kids

Bullet Journal Ideas for Kids

Keeping a bullet journal, or an art journal, or even just a diary, can benefit us in so many ways. And that stands true for our kids, too. Whenever my daughter is upset, or worried, I tell her to write it down. 

Journaling is a great practice – it makes us more creative, it helps us work out our problems, and it can even help shape our future. What a great thing for kid to get involved in, right?! I encourage you to encourage your kids to start journaling at a young age.

Here is a sturdy, kid-friendly journal we sell.

Bullet Journal Ideas

Here are some bullet journal for kids of all ages.

  • Mood (have kids track their mood, or write a few words about how they feel, every day – or even several times each day)
  • Weather
  • Homework
  • Library books (books they check out, due dates, if they like them or not)
  • Worries (this is a great place for kids to dump their worries – it really works if you have an anxious child)
  • Favorite animals
  • Pets

Bullet Journal Ideas and Prompts for Kids

  • Favorite sports teams
  • Sports (track game schedules, scores, practices)
  • Favorite songs
  • Favorite classes or subjects at school
  • Art (draw, draw, draw in that journal!)
  • Favorite words
  • Favorite rhymes
  • Handwriting practice
  • Favorite books
  • Journal about vacation
  • Favorite foods
  • Favorite TV shows
  • Favorite YouTube videos
  • Make a graph
  • Favorite colors
  • Favorite things about the people they love
  • Favorite movies
  • Books they want to read
  • Movies they want to see
  • Journal about dreams 
  • What they want to be when they grow up
  • Vegetables they’ve tried
  • Things they are grateful for (this is SO important…cultivate this practice early in kids!)
  • Christmas wish list
  • What they want to get others for Christmas
  • Halloween costume ideas
  • Favorite video games
  • Write a story about their favorite video game characters
  • Goals

Bullet Journal Ideas and Prompts for Kids

  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • Vision Boards
  • A few sentences about their day (another good practice to get into)
  • Design outfits (my daughter loves to play fashion designer)
  • Things they want to buy (use a graph to track savings!)
  • How they can help others
  • Things they learn in school (write down one thing every day)
  • Favorite athletes
  • Lego inventory (or any toy inventory, for that matter!)
  • Birthday wish list
  • Things that make them feel sad (I really encourage my daughter to use her journal to write about those big feelings she has, positive or negative)

So, what kind of things can kids journal about?

Everything. These ideas will hopefully get you (or your child) started and inspired, but I think journaling is something that will evolve and develop as your child does. Encouraging this creativity and giving them a space where they can sort out their feelings without feeling judged or monitored is so important.

And while I encourage my kids to write about positive things, I also want them to know that they can let their feelings out on the pages of their journals.

Here is a sturdy, kid-friendly journal we sell. But any journal will do (I think right now, my daughter is using a lined notebook I got on clearance at Walmart for $.75). 

I hope these bullet journal ideas for kids helps your little ones get started on their journaling journeys!

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Thanks for your ideas! As a father of two little girls, I understand that notebooks are a very important part of their lives. Really! Sometimes I think it’s more important than dinner, toys and myself. I buy them a bunch of new notebooks and various bookmarks. Each of them they paint and lead in their own way. In some record homework. Somewhere just draw. In one write poetry or some of his secrets. Your ideas are very interesting, I will recommend them to my daughters. I think they will be delighted!

Really great ideas and so helpful for my son (10 y/o with autism) who is eager to start journaling. Thanks so much for sharing these!

thank you so much this is my first year and it really helped

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