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Best Instant Pot Accessories Under $10

Best Instant Pot Accessories Under $10

Raise your hand if you got an Instant Pot recently.  Me, too!  I love that thing!  There are so many awesome Instant Pot add-ons out there that make this easy to use kitchen gadget EVEN EASIER.  And because we love you guys so much, we have combed the internet to find the very best Instant Pot accessories – and they are all under $10 which makes them perfect for gift-giving (or for treating yourself!).

First of all, a steamer basket for your Instant Pot is a MUST!  It’s wonderful for steaming vegetables, making potatoes, and just keeping your ingredients off the surface of the insert bowl.  This one is metal with rubber feet and a rubber coated handle – it’s a little more than ten bucks but very highly rated.

Does your family love your deviled eggs during the holidays?  Do you love hard-boiled eggs as a high-protein snack?  Do you despise boiling said eggs?  You can make hard-boiled eggs in the Instant Pot!  This egg steamer stackable rack can cook 14 eggs at a time so you can batch cook your eggs without breaking any of them!

Hot pot!  The Instant Pot works with steam and gets SUPER HOT – so grab these mini silicone mitts for handling the metal pot!

Cute little silicone mitts not your thing?  Try these Gripper Clips!

Make your own egg bites with these silcone egg bite molds (you can make lots of other things with them, too).

Make cakes (yep, cakes) with this springform cake pan (also useful for quiches).

These cheat sheets are little magnets that tell you how long to cook veggies, meat, and other IP favorites. Put them on your fridge or put them on your pot!

I recently got new cabinets in my kitchen, complete with undercabinet lighting.  Let me tell you how stressful it is for me to release the pressure valve under my cabinets.  I have a mini freak out every single time.  And then I found this!  It’s a steam release valve cover that attaches to your value and sends the steam forward instead of up – thus saving your cabinets and lights from hot, wet steam. 

Would it blow your mind to know that your Instant Pot can be used as a slow cooker?  It can!  You just need a tempered glass lid – and this one has a small hole for a thermometer and a spoon rest on the handle.  No brainer.

There you have it, a roundup of the best Instant Pot accessories under $10!  What are your Instant Pot must-haves?  I’d love to hear if there is anything out there you use regularly that I’m missing out on!



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