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30-Minute Hotel Room Workouts {Perfect for the 21 Day Fix}


We all know the story.

We’re traveling…for work, for fun, for whatever. And although we start with the best of intentions (“I’m totally going to work out!”), by Day 2 we’re making excuses (there’s no gym here, I don’t have any equipment, I’m too busy…). So we’ve put together a list of hotel workouts for you…most of them are less than 30 minutes, don’t require any equipment, and don’t take up much space.

Also, if you’re doing the 21 Day Fix, you can get Beachbody on Demand…which means you can stream workouts in your hotel room. You might not have access to your equipment, though, or you might just want to use this time to try something new. 

30 Minute Hotel Room Workouts

Kiss your excuses goodbye…it’s time to workout!

30-Minute Hotel Workouts

Hotel Room Workout: Travel-Friendly Fitness – This hotel room workout works your upper and lower body and finishes with cardio. If you’re still getting on the exercise bandwagon, you may want to adjust this workout a bit to fit your needs. If you’re hardcore, you may want to do this workout a couple times.

Pokemon Go Workout – Traveling with the family? Get outside and play some Pokemon Go while getting your workout on with this plan!

Barre Workout from Autumn – This short video with Autumn takes you through a lower body Barre workout that you can do if you have a balcony.

Hotel Room Workout – This is another workout that’s perfect for your hotel room. There’s no need for any special equipment. It’s recommended that you do this workout four times. Again, if you’re just getting into shape, you may not be able to do it that many times, but do as many as you can.

On-the-Go Circuit Workout – If you’re looking for a 20-minute workout that works your entire body, this is a great workout. Best of all, if you’re the type that gets bored easily, this workout contains so many different exercises that it will keep you entertained.

21 Day Fix Cardio Fix – No video necessary…follow the Cardio Fix workout here!

25-Minute Workout – This routine takes 25 minutes, requires minimal space, and is equipment-free.

Stay Fit With Westin Workout – Want even more variety in your workout? This workout combines twenty different exercises to give you an awesome total body workout. What’s great about this workout is that it combines rest with exercise so that you don’t become overwhelmed, even if you’re still new to working out. {This might take longer than 30 minutes, though!}

8 Hotel Room Workouts – This article gives you eight different workouts that can be done in 20-minutes or less. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing yoga workout or something intense, you’ll find it here. Note that one of the workouts does require a resistance band, which is very easy to fit into your luggage.

Bootcamp-Inspired Hotel Workout – If you have access to a gym, this workout takes your through cardio and strength training in about 40 minutes.

Here’s the thing about vacations. Choosing to go an entire week or more without exercising can make it very difficult to get back into your routine when you get home. Make it easier on yourself by having the resources you need to keep exercising, no matter where you end up. Even if you’re in a hut in the middle of Africa, you can still do 90% of these workouts. In other words, there’s no excuse for not working out while on vacation or a business trip.

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I love these. Def easy to make an excuse while traveling but so worth it to keep in the work out schedule

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