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Gone Are the Days (21 Day Fix Success Story!)

Gone Are the Days (21 Day Fix Success Story!)

As I look back on my first pregnancy, I have memories filled with endless donuts, Oreo Cookies and binge watching TV. I was lucky enough not to work the last two trimesters, and had many ambitious thoughts about having a fit pregnancy, though they never came to fruition. Instead, the couch and I became the best of friends. The couch didn’t judge me, instead offering comfort, and a safe haven to eat as many donuts and Oreo’s as I was craving. At nine months pregnant I tipped the scale at 200 pounds, having gained fifty pounds throughout the process. In my head, I knew the amount of weight I gained was above average, but I justified it by saying that average weight gain is unrealistic, and I frequently thought I would “bounce back” to my slender pre-pregnancy figure.  Breastfeeding and ceasing all sugar intake would get me to that pre-pregnancy weight, right? Wrong. And thus began my journey to become a healthier me!

21DFXTwo weeks after having my amazing son I had lost half the weight that I had gained during the pregnancy. Breastfeeding, however, had not helped me lose weight as I had thought and heard that it would: a good example that every body is different. Initially, it was just about losing the weight though it soon became more when I was introduced to a boxing fitness class. I started participating in boxing fitness two times per week for several months. I was becoming stronger, healthier and happier. After several months passed, boxing fitness was winding down for the summer and I was desperate to find something to fill its role for three months. Cue: The 21 Day Fix.

21DFX TipsMy mother in-law brought up The 21 Day Fix to me because she was doing it at the time. I started the program, and have never looked back! As a new mother with a long commute to work, the program perfectly accommodated my busy lifestyle. There were many reasons that I immediately fell in love The 21 Day Fix, the main one being that it’s a lifestyle change instead of just a diet.

The following are reasons that I became obsessed with The 21 Day Fix.

21 Day Fix Success Tips1) The containers. These have created a way to intake the correct amount of food per day without having to deal with the hassle of counting calories.  The best part is being able to eat what you still want, just in smaller portions.

2) The workouts. There is nothing like a 30-minute daily work out that leads to such amazing results. To me, 30 minutes seems more achievable for the busy lifestyle. I also appreciate the modifications in the workouts to provide alternatives that still support progress.

3) The results! In just 3 weeks, a person can experience amazing results. I have never come across a program that elicits such great results in such a short amount of time. I also love that I am able to do this program in the comfort of my own home.

I completed 7 consecutive months of the program and even continued to participate during my first trimester of my second pregnancy. Though I may not be a 21 Day Fix veteran, I do consider myself experienced, and therefore have the following recommendations.

1) Create a routine for yourself, including preparing your food and when you do your workouts. I prepared my food a day in advance and always had left over’s from dinner to use later. During the workweek, I always did my work out right after returning home from work, no excuses! And remember to personalize your workouts with your own music to keep you inspired.

2) Take before and after pictures. These are reflective of all your hard work and truly show the difference. When I needed a little inspiration I would look at my pictures and become rejuvenated.

3) Don’t skip your measurements because they are such an important part of the program. Looking through other people’s results I had the expectation I would lose a significant amount of weight and after the first round, I didn’t. I lost 4 pounds and remember losing 3 inches off my waist and off of my hips, which I considered a victory! This was also a reminder that every body is different and responds differently.

4) Dedicate yourself to the program and don’t cheat. This will show you how well the program works and hopefully inspire you to keep it up!

Gone are the days of donuts and cookies. I will commence my next journey with The 21 Day Fix in one week. After a new baby, I’m looking forward to less squish and more tone and definition. Join me on my journey. I’m ready to get back to a healthier me.

-Camilla Haight


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I have done the exercise for almost a year. I have lost to 30 inches all over and 15 pounds. But my problem is sticking with the food. I have the cups and know what to do I just love food. I have goals though before I hit 50 in April. I ordered Hammer and Chisel for Christmas hope this helps me

Vicki, those are amazing results! Good job! I have a hard time with the food, too…especially during the holidays. I have to tell myself to make a good choice every time I eat something (and it doesn’t always work!).

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