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21 Day Fix Snacks

21 Day Fix Snacks

To eat healthy, it’s all about understanding the foods that you eat and achieving a balanced meal. While following the 21 Day Fix or Portion Fix programs, most of us will plan for 3 meals as well as two to three snacks per day. It’s important to take the time to plan ahead to make sure you have healthy options available, especially when it comes to snack foods. These 21 Day Fix snacks are perfect to grab-and-go, and they’re a way better option than processed, pre-packaged food!  

21 Day Fix Portion Fix Snacks

21 Day Fix Snacks

But before I start, let me be clear…we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and sometimes that means grabbing pre-packaged snacks. You can definitely make the best choice possible in those scenarios and feel good about your decisions! But since the program is based on whole foods, I’ve put together this collection of yummy snacks that I think you will love.

Can I have protein bars and protein balls on the 21 Day Fix?

Peanut Butter, Honey & Connamon Energy Balls


Yes! You can have protein bars and protein balls on the 21 Day Fix. The key is to find bars with whole ingredients and no processed sugar (or other processed ingredients, for that matter). When you make your own, you can control the quality of the food and ingredients you are using. 

A note about protein or energy balls: they are often made with lots of peanut butter and/or dates, which we need to limit on the 21 Day Fix and Portion Fix programs. That’s why some of these are treat swaps. 
No-Bake Peanut Butter, Honey, and Cinnamon Energy Balls  These energy balls yield a few batches, which is perfect to have around the house to munch on during your busy days. Also, these are DELICIOUS and the kids will love them, too! Treat Swap

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Protein Balls  These Oatmeal Peanut Butter Protein Balls are the perfect healthy snack! They’re a filling recipe that is super easy to customize with your favorite add-ins–chocolate chips, raisins, cranberries, flax seed, and more. Treat Swap

Healthy Homemade Granola Bars This is a basic granola bar recipe, however you can customize with your favorite add-ins for your family. 1 yellow

Cocoa-Banana Oat Bars  Sweet, make-ahead snack that the whole family will love, these 21 Day Fix approved Oat Bars will satisfy your chocolate craving. 1/2 purple, 1/2 yellow, 1 tsp

Can I have popcorn on the 21 Day Fix?

Nuts, popcorn, and seeds make for a quick but power-packed snack. Most store bought trail mix, coated nuts and popcorn are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Taking the time to make your own healthy versions of these foods will help you to limit sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredients and keep your foods in a natural state of healthy deliciousness! 

21 Day Fix Trail Mix

>Trail Mix Sometimes we find ourselves out of the house for hours at a time, and so its important to take a snack and a drink with us to tide us over. This filling 21 Day Fix trail mix is a terrific option. 1 orange, 1 blue, and 1 yellow treat swap.

How To Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn {5 Ways}  Homemade popcorn, isn’t just for enjoying during family night.  Add few scoops into a reusable sack and enjoy a mid afternoon when you need a healthy treat! 1 yellow, 1 tsp

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds A crunchy salty snack! 1½ Orange, 1 tsp.

Pumpkin Banana Bread Did you know you can freeze bread? So you can make a bunch and enjoy for weeks to come! 1 yellow, 1/2 purple

Spiced Nuts  Honey, Cumin, Cinnamon and cayenne round out this delicious protein rich snack!  1 Blue 

Chocolate Macaroons EVERYONE will love these! 1 orange, 1 tsp

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Macaroons Here’s another one you can easily make ahead and enjoy all week long. Treat Swap

What snacks should I keep around the house for the 21 Day Fix and Portion Fix?

Simple and good for you foods can be found in your pantry!  No need for long drawn out recipes; healthy, whole foods can be paired together to create delicious quick snack options. 

21 Day Fix Sample Eating Plan All Brackets

Here are a few of our favorite no-cook grab and go snacks.

Almonds + Apple: 1 purple, 1 orange

Apples + Cinnamon: 1 purple

Peanut Butter (or almond butter) + Apples: 1 purple, 2 tsp

Apples + Hummus: 1 purple, 1 blue

21 Day Fix Lemon Blueberry Muffins Portion Fix


Cashews + Clementines : 1 purple, 1 orange

Carrots + Guacamole: 1 green, 1 blue

Celery + Hummus: 1 green, 1 blue

Celery + Peanut Butter: 1 green, 2 tsp

Remember, keep these on hand;  yogurt, protein, fruit, nuts, and vegetables. The convenience of  fresh food makes living a healthy lifestyle so much easier. I love that I can grab fresh fruit instead of sugary candy bars and stay on track with goals of completing the 21 Day Fix program.


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