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21 Day Fix Sandwiches and Healthy Burgers

21 Day Fix Sandwiches and Healthy Burgers

There is something so simple about sandwiches, and when done the right way, it makes for a filling, healthy and protein-packed option. You’ll love this collection of 21 Day Fix sandwiches and burgers! 

Sometimes we crave a sandwich, but want to go with the healthiest possible options so that we can stay on course with our nutrition goals. The 21 Day Fix is perfect for those who want to focus on enjoying more healthy and nutritionally rounded meals. The program also is great at teaching you portion control!

21 Day Fix Portion Fix Sandwiches Burgers

Below you will find a nice range of recipes to try out, and add to your plan.  Many are carb free which means you can save your Yellow container for another time!

21 Day Fix Sandwiches

Here are some old school sandwiches with flare! These healthy sandwiches each have a hip and fun twist!  Come explore and create a few of these simple but reinvented sandwiches.

21 Day Fix Egg Salad    This egg salad is high in protein and perfect to toss on a low carb bread, wrap, or lettuce leaf.  1 red, 1.5 tsp

No-Mayo Mediterranean Tuna Salad  The addition of fresh basil and roasted red peppers, and use of  lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, creates a tuna salad is light and full of flavor. 1 Red, .5 Green, 1 Orange

21 Day Fix Red Bell Pepper Tuna Wraps What’s the appeal of tuna? It’s high in protein, it’s super versatile, and you don’t have to cook it! What’s not to love?  Portion control counts, per serving: 1 red, .5 green, 1 blue, 2 tsp.

21 Day Fix Tuna Wraps

Spicy Tuna Quesadilla with 2-Ingredient Blue Cheese Dressing  A new twist on a family favorite!  Spicy tuna quesadilla  gives us a new way to use our favorite protein-loaded, canned tuna! 1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Blue

Waldorf Chicken Salad Pita Pocket  Delicious pita, stuffed with chicken, tasty sauce, crisp apples, celery, and grapes, and more! 1 Red, 1/2 Purple, 1/2 Green, 1/2 Yellow

Asian Chicken Salad Pita Pocket   Savory chicken, bright oranges and citrus-y sesame dressing creates the perfect blend to kick your chicken salad up a notch or two.  1 Red, 1/2 Purple, 1/2 Green, 1 Orange, 1/2 Yellow.

Avocado Chicken Salad Replace the mayo with avocado in this salad! This salad includes healthy fat and protein packed with delicious flavor! 1 Red, 1 Purple, 1 Blue

What about healthy burgers? These dinner sandwiches and burgers are all perfect for any portion fix program!

Instant Pot BBQ Sloppy Joes  Healthy reboot to a classic sandwich.  Use ground turkey with a simple clean eating BBQ to create a yummy sandwich that will be a crowd pleaser. 1 Red, 1/2 Green 1 tsp sweetener

21 Day Fix Instant Pot Philly Cheesesteak  This recipe is really easy to make,  it all takes place all in your instant pot. 1 red, 1 yellow,  .5 blue and .5 green

21 Day Fix Instant Pot Philly Cheesesteak

21 Day Fix Southwestern Pulled Pork Tenderloin Simple 21 Day Fix Southwestern Pulled Pork Tenderloin makes a delicious, healthy base for a BBQ sandwich. 1 Red

21 Day Fix Instant Pot Beef Gyros   This veggie packed pita will be a staple recipe on your weekly menu! 1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Green

These gourmet burgers are all good for you! 

Jalapeno, Bacon and Beer Cheese Turkey Burgers  Cheese sauce made from cauliflower, beer and cheese creates a flavorful sauce that makes this healthy and fun turkey burger one of our favorites! 1 1/2 Red, 1/2 Green, 1/2 Blue .

21 Day Fix Turkey Burgers  Turkey burgers that can include coleslaw and wheat buns.  Feel free to omit one or both if they don’t fit into your plan.  1 red, 1/2 green, 1 yellow, 2 tsp

Balsamic Caramelized Onion Turkey Burgers Caramelized onions give this turkey burger life! 1 Red, 1/2 Blue, 1/4 Green.

Blue Cheese Burgers  Whether you are grilling indoors or out, lean sirloin and salty blue cheese work together to create a moist and delicious burger. 1 RED 1/4 BL

We think you’ll love these yummy sandwiches and burgers!


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