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21 Day Fix Mexican Food Recipes

21 Day Fix Mexican Food Recipes

These 21 Day Fix Mexican Food Recipes are all fix-friendly (container counts included!). And if you’re really looking for tacos, check out my 21 Day Fix Taco Roundup here.

When I first started the 21 Day Fix (now called Portion Fix), I didn’t want to go out to eat. I was intimidated by all the choices and my tendency to use a restaurant as an excuse to have a “cheat meal.” So when we ended up going out for Mexican food just a few days into the Fix, it threw me into a tizzy. My favorite part of Mexican food is tortillas and corn chips…not exactly “diet-foods.” 

But of course, the 21 Day Fix isn’t a traditional “diet” – and with a few modifications, I was able to enjoy some of those chips (12, to be exact, but…who’s counting, right?). 

That was awhile ago – but today I’m using that experience to offer you a better option than making the healthiest choice at your favorite Mexican food restaurant. How about, instead, making your own?


Pin showing the title across the top and the bottom shows some finished tacos ready to eat.

21 Day Fix Mexican Food Recipes: 

These awesome Mexican food recipes are all calculated for the 21 Day Fix, or Portion Fix container counts. If you are using the Fix currently you’ll love that all of this is calculated for you. There’s no stressing about figuring out how to count these recipes. You know up front and ahead of time how to track them so you can enjoy your meal, stress free! 


21 Day Fix Mexican Recipes


Any margarita fans out there? 

And let’s not forget the Margaritas! Mexican Food and Margaritas just go together and that’s true even if you are on the 21 Day Fix or Portion Fix programs! You don’t have to give up the things you love you just have to use a little bit of smart thinking to make choices that fit your plan! 

These recipes are calculated for the Fix programs with ingredients from the approved lists so that the guess work is taken out of it for you! 


Is there anything I can’t have on 21 Day Fix? 

We all know that there are things on 21 Day Fix and Portion Fix programs that we can’t have. It’s about making smart choices and cutting out really unhealthy and super processed foods so of course, there are things you can’t have…that being said, you don’t have to give up Mexican food in order to stick to the 21 Day Fix plan.

There are so many great recipes that allow you to enjoy everything from tacos to enchiladas. You never need to feel deprived of your favorite cuisine!

Pin showing the finished 21 Day Fix mexican recipes ready to eat with title across the top.

Looking for more ways to get these great recipes? 

Join me on Facebook for more 21 Day Fix recipes, free printables, things to do with kids, and meal planning and budgeting help. I’d love to have you join our fun little community and it’s also a great place to find more tasty recipes. 


Looking for more delicious 21 Day Fix recipes? 

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These recipes look really good. Then I found out they are healthy. Yum

Thanks for linking up to Tasty Tuesdays! We love having you there each week 🙂

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