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21 Day Fix Journals

21 Day Fix Journals

They’re finally here! My 21 Day Fix journals are ready to ship and I am SO excited about them.

If you’ve been looking for 21 Day Fix tracker sheets to record your food and exercise, this is for you. I made them because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for when it came to tracking my own food and workouts. I put together a prototype and have been using mine for about 3 weeks now.

Wellness Journals for 21 Day FIx

It’s not enough for me to plan what I’m going to eat and keep track of it in my head. I set myself up for failure when I go into my day without a plan. 

When I plan out my meals and snacks for the day, I set myself up for success. I make sure I am eating all of the proper food for the day. I reduce my snacking. I know how much water I’ve had to drink. I know which workout I’m on. 

I feel better – stronger, happier, and more energized – when I eat the right foods. This little journal has been instrumental in my weight loss (you can see all of my 21 Day Fix results and reviews here) and has been key in keeping me on track.

But my favorite part is that it’s colorful and bright. 🙂

Wellness Journals for 21 Day FIx

Wellness Journals for 21 Day FIx

Here are some pictures of the insides:

Inside 21 Day Fix Journal

Wellness Journals for 21 Day FIx

Wellness Journals for 21 Day FIx

Wellness Journals for 21 Day FIx


Here are some samples of how I use it:

21DFX Tracking Sheets

21DFX Tracker

21DFX Tracking SheetsEach book is 5×7″ – so it will fit easily in your purse. Covers are laminated in a super sturdy laminate, and the books are bound with wire. This book works for both programs – the traditional 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. Each book will last you for three rounds!

I think you’ll love them, and maybe they will even help you look forward to planning your food every day!

Wellness Journals for 21 Day FIx

You can buy your 21 Day Fix journal here.

You can also buy them on Amazon (they cost a teeny bit more, but they’re Prime-eligible).

If you’re looking for a Meal Planner, you can now find those in my shop, as well. You can see the Meal Planners here. 🙂

You can follow my shop page on Facebook for updates on new products and upcoming specials!


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very interested in your 21 day fix journal and the meal planner … just getting things started and need some help … Thanks

ok I don’t know what happened why I tried to post something before, I don’t know if it even loaded. But I happened to stumble across your blog today and felt like you were speaking for me!! haha I have the 21 day fix but began it and failed (miserably) but now that it’s summer and Ive been hitting up the beach i cannot believe what’s staring back at me in the mirror!!! I SO wish I was as fat as I thought I was 5 years ago! ANYWAY, I found your 21 day fix journal and it seems like such a great fit for me. I had tried an app previously but technology and I are not friends, so I just ordered a copy of your journal and fingers crossed it does the trick for me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing it!!

Your friend in Connecticut!

– Cassie <3 xoxo

Hi there, will this journal ever have meal planning pages? It would help me having everything in one journal instead of two.

Thanks for considering,

I think I ordered a 21 day fix journal from you, make bank says I do but I did not get a sales recipe to say I did is this normal?

I just received my journal last week and I love it! I was using scraps of paper to plan everything before but now I am planning my food in this super cute journal. I am writing down what I plan to eat each day with my container count checked off and then just using a checkmark beside each line as I eat the food. It is also forcing me to write down any unplanned food I might eat and mark off the container effect which is really helping me to stay on plan! Thanks so much!

Hi there,

I was just about to order your 21 Day Fix journal when I also came across your meal planners. Do you do the meal planner in the blue/orange/purple abstract design of the 21 Day Fix journal I was going to order? Thanks!!

Carrie Elle,

I just lovethis journal! It’s been so instrumental in keeping me accountable. I’ve tried using apps to record my eating, but there’s something about writing on paper that works so much better for me.

Your journals are wonderful, and the handwritten note you sent with it was such a nice touch! I’ll be purchasing my second journal shortly so that I have it ready for when my current one fills up!

Thanks so much for putting this together,


Please provide info on your meal planner. Thanks!!

To anyone reading this & considering getting one of these journals: DO IT!

I hope it’s okay that I leave a mini-review here! Anyway, I have no regrets or neutral things to say about ordering this journal (which will probably become a bible of sorts!) from start to finish! Carrie, you were SO nice to me and helpful throughout making my decision, and I adore the product. I think that this journal is going to make all the difference between success and failure throughout my wellness journey.

Can’t say enough great things, & I wish I had found this sooner! I also wish I had thought of it first, lol. Take care & best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

Will you be adding more styles of the 21df journal anytime soon? I am very interested but want to wait and order one along with meal planner when you have more of those available and that will be October 1 right?

Carry, if we get this from you, I know it’s a PDF file. How do we put it into a binder as cute as yours? I’m vey clumsy when it comes to doing scrapbooking (if this is how you call it) things. Love yours and would love to put my just like yours and not pieces of paper everywhere.

LOL, sorry for the Carry…is Carrie

Love these! I was always trying to remember how many servings I’d already had! Thanks for sharing!

So nice to meet you this weekend at Pinners — I am busy filling in my meal planner & budgeting binder I purchased from you! Thanks for linking up with #HomeMattersParty!

I like the idea of these types of journals. They allow you to personalise things and add qualitative information in a way fitness apps cannot.

Definitely helps to write everything down, a ton of studies that back this.

I love the simplicity of this journal! i cant wait to order it!

Just ordered mine thru amazon can’t wait! looks very organized!

Hey I was curious what shipping cost for your planners? Do you ship to Sault Ste Marie , ON , Canada? Very interested in ordering 4 of your books, and I assume the price is in US dollars?
Thanks for your help


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