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21 Day Fix Extreme Review and Results

21 Day Fix Extreme Review and Results

WHEW! I did it, you guys.

After three rounds of the 21 Day Fix, I completed my first round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I want to share my full 21 Day Fix Extreme review and results with you today because YAY! I did it.

If you want to see how the original 21 Day Fix program went down, you can see my results from my previous three rounds here. You can also see my tips for surviving the 21 Day Fix her

21 Day Fix Extreme Results21 Day Fix Extreme is very similar to the regular 21 Day Fix: you workout for 30 minutes each day and you follow the meal plan.

The differences are that the workouts are really, really intense (there’s a workout I really dislike, but more on that later), and that the diet is a little less lenient (no whole wheat waffles, for example).

The workouts all require two sets of weights (one light, one heavy – I used 5 and 8lb weights) and a resistance band. You’ll need a yoga mat for pilates and yoga, but that’s pretty much the only time you’ll need your mat. 

Here are the workouts:

Plyo Extreme –  Lots of jumping and squatting with weights – really tough for me! Also, burpees.

Upper Extreme – Pushups, which for the record, I STILL CANNOT DO, weights, etc.

Pilates Extreme – This is the workout I really don’t like, and not because it’s hard (although it totally is). It requires a resistance band for the entire workout. Every. Single. Exercise. For some reason, I just cannot get a handle on this band. I am constantly getting tangled up in it, it’s falling off my feet, it’s rubbing my legs in some weird spot, I’m not able to be on all fours and keep the handles from slipping my hands – you get the idea. I would go so far as to say I HATE this workout just because the band is so cumbersome. It’s clearly me – the people onscreen aren’t fumbling around with their bands. But it was such an issue that I was spending more time messing the band than I was doing any of the actual exercises. I gave it four full workouts, thinking I’d improve, and then I kicked this workout to the curb and replaced it with the original 21 Day Fix pilates workout. As I write this, I’m actually wrapping up Round 2 of the Extreme program and I’ve found something else to substitute it with that I’ll tell you about in my next post. My point here, though, is that if you are really struggling with something, don’t let that be a reason to quit. Just do something and keep moving.

Lower Extreme – Tons of squats and lunges, all with weights. 

Cardio Extreme – OMG. So many jumps and lunges and burpees – SO MANY.

Dirty 30 Extreme – Another tough workout, similar to the Cardio Extreme (yes, burpees!) – and similar to the other workouts that have lots of squats!

Yoga Extreme – Definitely my favorite, this is 30 minutes of heart-pumping but not overly intense yoga.

If you have been through the original 21 Day Fix, you know and love the modifier, Cat. There’s no Cat in this program (booo!). There is a modifier, but the “modified” exercises are still pretty tough!

I am sore more often than not, and that was especially true the first two weeks.

21 DFX ContainersI think Autumn (who leads the classes) is fantastic, and she’s just as motivating in this series as she is in the first. OK, mostly, her abs are motivating, but I appreciate her encouragement, too! 😉

As usual, the hardest part of this program wasn’t the working out (don’t get me wrong –  huff and puff and sweat my way through the workouts and they are TOUGH)…it was the food.

I give myself a B- for diet compliance on this round. Which is better than a C I guess?

You’ll use the same containers on the Extreme program as you do the regular program. I bought another set because my blue container mysteriously disappeared, but if you’ve already got a set, all you need to buy are the DVDs (you can also get them on demand now) and the weights and resistance band (which you’ll actually need for a few workouts, not just pilates – and I seem to manage with it fine in the other workouts).

You can also eat mostly the same foods, although you’ll find that some are not allowed (waffles!). This program also shows you exactly what Autumn does and does not eat if she’s training for a bikini competition. So for example, you can eat cottage cheese on this diet – but the guide tells you that this is a food Autumn avoids when training for competition. Well – I’m never going to be in a bikini competition, so COTTAGE CHEESE FOR ME! But if you want to speed up your results or get really serious, this is a helpful tool that can help you meal plan accordingly.

I ran out of Shakeology and purchased a shake supplement called Vega One as a substitute. I do love having a shake every day, but it was hard to justify the cost of Shakeology when I was using them as an afternoon snack and not a full meal replacement. The Vega One shakes have very similar ingredients and are less expensive (and I can buy them at Sprout’s). I’ll share more on those in a different post.

One thing that has really, really helped me is keeping track of my food in my 21 Day Fix Journal. You can get one of those here >>>

My 21 Day Fix journals are now available! You can track your daily food, water, workouts, and measurements. Each book lasts for three rounds of the 21 Day Fix.

21 Day Fix Journal

And now for results!

Honestly? I was hoping for something more drastic, but at the end of the day, a loss is a loss and I know why I didn’t see better results (FOOD – I am talking to you!).

I only lost two inches, but I lost four pounds. Once again, I don’t think the pictures are telling the full story. I look pretty much the same in all of these – and I almost didn’t share them because they’re so similar, you can’t really see the progress I made. But I decided I would show them because this is what losing weight and getting in shape really look like. Unfortunately, it’s not always drastic or exciting…and I think these slow spots are part of the process and important to acknowledge, too.

21DFX Front Compare

21 DFX Side Round 1I’m actually wrapping up a second round of this program, and I’ll have details on that soon. As Autumn says, it doesn’t get easier, you just get better. I’ll leave you with that! 🙂

Find me on Facebook for 21 Day Fix updates, free printables, super simple kid-friendly crafts, and things to do in Dallas. I’d love to have you join me over there!

I’ve also got a Pinterest board where I pin all of my favorite 21 Day Fix recipes, inspiration, and helpful tools. You can follow me here:
Follow Carrie Lindsey’s board 21 Day Fix on Pinterest.


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You look amazing! You can really see the change. You can especially see it in your arms in the first picture. I see your results and want to do it, but I don’t think I could handle the eating part of it (even though I want to eat better). I don’t think I could give up my flavored coffee. :-/ I skipped it the other afternoon and I had complete withdrawal. It’s sad I know!

On a side note I LOVE Pilates, but I’m not sure I’d like it with a band either. 😉

How did I miss this post??? Girlllllll! You look amazing! Love this so much!! We need to chat!

I use ankle weights and 3-5 lb free weights during the pilates work out on the extreme program because I also ride the struggle bus when it comes to using the band. I feel like it honestly ruins my whole workout! The ankle weights work well for pilates extreme and then we still get the weight/resistance Autumn is trying to give us with the band, only its way less cumbersome! I hope that helps! You look WONDERFUL! Keep up the great work!

I stumbled upon your website through Pinterest. You and I have similar body types and I needed some inspiration while doing the 21 Day Fix extreme. I see such a difference in your before and after photos. You have inspired me to stick with the program! Thank you!

I completely agree with the Pilates workout for Fix Extreme. I experienced the exact same things as you so no more extreme Pilates. If I don’t do Pilates from the original 21 day fix, I do Piyo (Chalene Johnson). Actually, I try to incorporate Piyo 2-3 times per week and find that really helps with definition. No weights so it helps with recovery. Extreme is tough! Great job and keep up the good work!

I just ordered your Be healthy journal. I love the 21 day and hope this will help me stay focused. Do you have a coach you’d recommend?? Thanks for your tips and encouragement!!

Would you suggest that I do 21 day fix with no modifiers before moving on to 21dayfix extreme? I cam almost do them all the way through but I am not as fast as autumn yet. Thx

Omg I had a really really rough time with the band too!!! Glad it’s not just me! I replaced that workout with another one on you tube although I could
do the regular 21 day fix Pilates too since
i have that dvd too!

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