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21 Day Fix Container Sizes

21 Day Fix Container Sizes

The 21 Day Fix program has worked wonders for my attitudes about food. The container system has always made sense to me, and I like that I’m not just tracking the quantity of my food…I’m also tracking the quality of my food. You don’t need the containers to measure out your food, though…here are the 21 Day Fix container sizes.

21 Day Fix Container Sizes


Don’t have the containers yet? You can buy them here.

Green Container = 1 cup

Purple Container = 1 cup

Red Container = 3/4 cup

Yellow Container = 1/2 cup

Blue Container = 1/3 cup

Orange Container = 2 T

So, you don’t need the containers to measure out your food – you can measure out your portions just like you would with any old measuring device. The benefit to the containers, though, is that it gives you a visual. After awhile, you get an idea of how much a serving size is supposed to be (like, really supposed to be, not what your brain is telling you it should be), and the containers aren’t necessary.

That said, I often still use them – I bought a second set to have around the house (which is really helpful if you lose a lid or your kid has stolen them and turned them into bath toys without your knowledge…). But you might not always have the containers with you…and in a pinch, the sizes of the containers should be all you need.

Bookmark this page so you’ll always have the 21 Day Fix container counts with you! 

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I think your measurements are off as well as your container count… your bracket should have 3 carbs and the blue container measures out to 1/4 cup not 1/3

This is an excellent blog post! I also love that you posted alternatives for Shake-O (since Vega One is essentially the same thing minus $80 lol)
I like the ideas of containers, since they just act as exchanges, but as a calorie counter, knowing the measurements are important (for me). Plus, it just saves you a few more extra containers to wash 😛

This is great! Tupperware containers do not stay put in a house full of teenagers, so I knew if I bought them they would soon walk away in someone’s lunch bag. Thank you for sharing this!

Love this! Thank you for sharing!

Fantastic blog! Thanks for all of this. I have subbed! wooohoooooo!

hi if a recipe is 1 yellow 1 green 1 blue and 1 red how many cups is a serving?

For the orange container is it 2 tablespoons or 2 teaspoons

When making pasta do I measure the pasta dry in the yellow containers? I made pasta last night and measured 2 yellow containers of dry pasta. Cooked it and ate it. But now I’m wondering if I did that wrong and I should have measured the pasta in the yellow container after it was cooked.

Can you also measure the weight instead of by cup if you’re not using the containers? For example, if Purple is 1 C, that’s 8oz. So could I use a food scale to measure out 8 oz of fruit? Same for meat, which I believe the weight would be 6 oz for a red container? Can I cook the meat and eat a 6oz piece?
I’ve always wondered this.

How many oz do you consider for do I cut it up and put in a container or just go. By the oz

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