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20 Easy Easter Place Cards

20 Easy Easter Place Cards


Is anyone else hosting Easter brunch or dinner this year?? It’s my first time, and I am on Pin overload.  So many crafts, so little time!  I’m usually a casual, sit-where-you-like kind of gal, but I’m going to try something new this time around and make seating arrangements (if I can conquer a wedding seating chart, this is should be cake.)  These 20 easy Easter place cards are a great starting point for my table, and I love them all!  

20 Easy Easter Place Cards

Easy Easter Place Cards Collage

Using place cards is a great way to tie everything together on your Easter table, making a cohesive tablescape. Plus, guests appreciate the craftiness!

Easter Egg Gift Box – These also double as brunch favors, so fill them with candy for guests to take home.

Chocolate Bunny w/ Tie  – Ummm, YUM!  Am I allowed to eat this before I eat brunch?! 

Wood Veneer Bunny Napkin Rings – Pair this with some wooden utensils (they’re disposable AND biodegradable!) and you’re table will be adorable.  

Upcycled Crepe Paper Carrots – Bright, fun, easy 🙂

Patterned Easter Egg Printable – These are *FREE* and require very little time – click, print, cut, write name.  Boom!  Done!

Painted Magnolia Leaves – Use any sturdy leaf and some paint you already have and this is a colorful and affordable way to decorate the table.

Chalkboard Style Menu & Place Card Printable – Going for the vintage-inspired table?  These *FREE*  printables are great for displaying your menu and assigning seats. 

Tablescape Printable Package – This has it ALL!  Water bottle labels, candy wrappers, cupcake toppers, place cards, and more!

Mini Bird Nests w/ Speckled Eggs –  Buy mini nests here and fill with a hardboiled egg or pastel M&Ms.  

Pastel Bunny Printable – *FREE* printable with multiple colors!  Another easy, time saving craft.

Free printables are a great way to save time and money this Easter 🙂


Easy Easter Place Card Pin

Glitzy Easter Eggs w/ Mini Banners – These are so simple, I may just have a glass of wine while I do it.  Or two…

Chick Pop “Cupcakes” – If you’re not into the whole baking thing (or just don’t have the time…hosting is a lot of work) buy Peeps instead!

Terra Cotta Bunny w/ Jelly Beans – Here are some great pots & bases to get you started.

Literary Bunny Cut Outs – I LOVE these!  Mostly because I love books – everything about them.  If you’re not able to bring yourself to cut up the pages of a precious favorite (I would NEVER!!) then go to your local thrift store and grab one.  Just make sure it’s table appropriate 😉

Yarn Animals – Use plastic eggs as the base and yarn to make these come to life – bunnies, chicks, and sheep here! 

Eggshell Planters w/ Watercress – These are seriously amazing!  How do people come up with these things?!  #CreativeCreatures

Q-Tip Lamb Cardholder – Reuse these when Christmas rolls around!  Although that does mean finding them again in 7 months…

Tissue Paper Carnations – Customize these with colors to match your table.

Black & White “Doodle” Eggs – These are for all you doodlers out there!  Use a Sharpie to draw something pretty on each egg.

Origami Flowers – All hail Martha!  This fun craft from Martha Stewart is also great for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and tea parties (yes, my friends and I are at the age where we are having tea parties

Check out these fun and simple ideas for your Easter tablescape at Easy Crafts 101

Here are some other fun Easter crafts from the blog:

Easy Easter Craft Button Easter Egg

Kids Easter Crafts


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So many cute ideas! Pinned and thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

Thank you, Emily! Hope you get to try some out – have a lovely Easter!

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