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16 Inside Out Activities for Kids

16 Inside Out Activities for Kids

These Inside Out activities for kids will give every child a way to sort through all of the emotions they experience. Join their favorite Inside Out characters; Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger and take on these creative activities. Make Inside Out Stress Balls, play a round or two of Inside Out Bingo, or make some Emotions Discovery Bottles.

Inside Out Activities for Kids

  1. Inside Out Printable Bingo Game: Turn a simple game of bingo into an opportunity to talk to your kids about all of the different emotions.
  2. Inside Out Kid’s Craft: With some paper plates, glue, construction paper, and a little creativity you and your kids can make your favorite Inside Out characters.
  3. Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game: This idea is a great way to get kids to open up about their feelings.
  4. Inside Out Memory Spheres: Great way to keep track of all the memories you and your family create together.
  5. Emotions Discovery Bottles: I love discovery bottles. If you have not had the opportunity to make any yet, these would be the perfect place to start.
  6. Inside Out Crazy Maze: With these Inside Out printables you will be able to find your way through a maze of twists and turns, connect the dots, and color until your heart is content.
  7. Inside Out Silhouette Craft: Display all of your emotions with a silhouette of your kiddo.
  8. Felt Character Inside Out Activity: Make your own Inside Out Characters out of felt and have the kids arrange them on a felt board.
  9. Inside Out Emoji Magnets: Bring the Inside Out characters to life by making them into emoji magnets that you can hang on your fridge!
  10. Printable Inside Out Feelings Journal: Print out this feelings journal to give your kids a way to express how they are feeling. Really cute stationery.
  11. Inside Out Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Recycle and make some cute crafts with this great idea.
  12. Topsy Turvy Emotion Garden: I love this Inside Out Activity. What better way to express your feelings then through gardening? Getting your hands dirty can really work out all of your emotions.
  13. Inside Out Stress Balls: You can make your own Inside Out stress balls for everyone in the family.
  14. Scrabble Tile Necklace Pendant: Turn a simple Scrabble tile into a cute piece of jewelry with some Mod Podge.
  15. Inside Out Character Hand Print: Turn your child’s hand print into all of the characters of Inside Out.
  16. Tattle Monster: This isn’t an Inside Out activity, but I do think it’s helpful when it comes to managing emotions – so it seemed appropriate to share!

My favorite thing that has come out of the movie, Inside Out, is the opportunity it has created to talk to my kids about all of the emotions they experience. With these Inside Out activities for kids, I can turn that into an even bigger opportunity to teach them how to handle every feeling that comes and goes. Which activity do you want to try with your kids?

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A lovely lot of activities for little ones that you have bought to the party.
Thank you, I have liked this on SU
Fridays Blog Booster Party #31
I hope you will share more on Friday.

We love this movie. As a mom of a child who has a hard time with emotions and often expresses anger, I will be doing these activities with our family. Thank you for this list!

Are these okay to reprint and distribute?


Is there somewhere I can purchase the bundle of ‘Inside out’ activities?

Thanks in advance
Aneira Morgan

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