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12 Minecraft Party Ideas

12 Minecraft Party Ideas

12 Minecraft Party Ideas

I have scoured the internet to help you find the best Minecraft Party Ideas. Here are the results. Start by printing your own invitations, make a Ghast pinata, and make your own Minecraft swords. Before you know it your party planning will be complete.

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Minecraft Birthday Parties

Printable Minecraft Invitations: Get the party started by making your own Minecraft invitations and save a few bucks in the process.

Licorice Dynamite: This Minecraft party idea will really set things off. With a few labels and some licorice this is an easy Minecraft hack.

Creeper Juice: All you will need to make this creative party idea are small bottles of juice and a permanent black marker. The kids could even help with this one.

Printable Minecraft Food Labels: Find all of the food labels you will need plus some more creative decoration ideas. Serve up snacks such as carrots, melons, and blue rock candy as diamonds.

Zombie Boogers: Turn popped popcorn into a conversation starter by making green carmel corn and labeling the tasty snack Zombie Boogers. The kids are sure to get a kick out of this one.

Creeper Pizza: This pizza pie would be a guranteed hit. Take it up a level and let the guests make their own mini Creeper pizzas.

Minecraft Block Birthday Cake: This Minecraft birthday cake would be very easy to assemble. Use blue Jello for the water, rice cereal for the rocks, and licorice for the TNT blocks.

Detailed Minecraft Birthday Cake: If you want to try your hand at something a little more challenging, this option for a birthday cake would be perfect. The cake is complete with chickens, a creeper, pig, TNT blocks, and even Steve figurine that you can customize to look like the birthday kiddo.

Creeper Treats: These easy to make Creeper treats would pass as a great Minecraft decoration on any table-scape. If you do create this recipe, it is an easy enough recipe to let the kids take over for you.

DIY Minecraft Ghast Pinata: Make your own pinata for your Minecraft bash with a cardboard box, white tissue paper, and zip ties.

Creeper Tumbler: This easy to make Creeper Tumbler would be a great party favor that your guests can take home.

DIY Minecraft Sword: Save a few more dollars by making your own swords instead of buying them. These would make a great decoration or even a party favor.

All of these Minecraft party ideas are so creative. Any child would be thrilled to have these at their birthday party.

Share with us! What Minecraft party ideas do you have up your sleeve?
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