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10 Nice Things You Can Do for a New Mom

10 Nice Things You Can Do for a New Mom

A few months ago, one of my friends emailed me to see if I had any gift ideas for a new mom.  She was going to see the baby in the hospital, and she wanted to take a gift specifically for the mother.

That got me thinking.

What do you get a new mom?  I mean, I know the baby is the prize at the end of a long journey and all, but being a new mom is tough work….it feels good to be appreciated.  It feels even better to be helped.

So with that in mind, here are 10 ways you can help a new mom adjust to motherhood (or just show her you love and support her).


Nice Things You can do for a New Mom

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1. Be helpful when you visit. Tell her you would *love* to hold the baby while she takes a shower. and then do just that. Put a load of dishes away. Take out the trash. Get her a drink. Entertain the older child(ren) for a few minutes so she can have some peace.

2. Feed her. Bring her a meal that she can freeze, or eat that night. If you don’t cook, bring her something from her favorite restaurant.

3. Bring a new toy for the older child or children. A new book or game (or DVD) for the older kids might buy her some quiet time.

4. Bring a basket of snack foods. Granola bars, cookies (the healthy kind, of course), water bottles…all things that will give her some fuel – and that she can eat with one hand. These babies don’t always like to be put down.

5. Give her a practical gift. You know what my mother-in-law brought to the hospital when I had my son? Nursing pads. I had never thought to purchase any. You know what I totally needed a few days later? Nursing pads.

6. Take pictures of the baby and email (or text) them to her the same day. If she’ll let you, take some pictures of her with the baby (I would have yelled at you if you tried to take pictures of me with the baby right after she was born, but that’s dumb…I wish I had more pictures of myself from that time).

7. Give her a gift to remind her of herself. Does she like to read? Bring a book. Does she like music? Bring her an iTunes gift card (she can use that to download apps on her phone, which she’ll probably be spending a lot of time on when she’s rocking the baby!). Everything is very baby-baby-baby after a baby is born…it’s nice to acknowledge the “old” part of a new mom!

8. Ask how she’s doing. And don’t just ask…listen. Some moms bounce right back into the swing of things after their baby is born. Others take awhile longer. But all new moms go through a rough few weeks as hormones settle down…ask about her!

9. Don’t stay too long. Even if you’re BFFs For Life…don’t wear out your welcome. The first few weeks are exhausting, and all the visitors can take a toll and put pressure on a new mom who’s trying to figure out a new life balance.

10. Run errands for her. If you see the kids are out of juice, run to the store and get some for her. Ask if she’s running low on anything or needs any prescriptions picked up and then take care of it for her. Once my husband went back to work, I found the task of leaving the house to run errands with a newborn daunting…I’d stay home and starve rather than venture out with a fussy baby to the grocery store.

So, are you wondering which one I recommended for my friend?

It was #4 – take a basket of snacks.

What would you add to this list? What kinds of things did people do for you after your baby was born that you needed and appreciated?


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These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing at The Happiness is Homemade Link Party, you will be featured so make sure to stop over on Sunday and grab our button!

Visiting form SITS saturday link up. I agree with all of these. I have a new nephew due in May and I always bring my older nephews a little gift. Such a great thing to do. I agree with the photos too. I used to love getting others photos taken of my son!

Great advice! My best friend and I are both expecting our second babies, and she is due in less than two weeks! When her first was born, I bought her a charm bracelet with a charm with her son’s first initial on it. This time I’m giving her another charm with the new baby’s initial and a Keurig. New moms often need LOTS of coffee! 🙂

Stopping by from SITS!

Great ideas. I’d only add, for second babies — bringing something fun for the other kids to do is always appreciated (I know this post is geared at “new” moms, but still). I delivered a meal once and included coloring pages — the older boy RAVED about how it was the best meal EVER.

Great post, I can imagine being a mother is very scary. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up with us again this weekend, I’d love to see you there 🙂 Have a great weekend

I remember myself when I was a new mom. It was very stressful handling the baby and myself at the same time. I feel really useless and confused to hear my baby crying, unfinished chores and my job. This posting is really helpful for anyone to lighten the new moms so that they are less stressful. Thank you for sharing in Pintastic Pinteresting Party.

This is such a brilliant post and very well thought out, Thanks so much for sharing with the Monday pin it party. I am featuring it as one of last weeks top two posts to pin in tomorrow’s party.

Great list! As a new mom and first time mom, I didn’t know what to ask for when people asked me how they could help. We always welcomed a easy to heat up dish!

Great ideas! Taking food is HUGE. Followed closely by being able to shower 🙂

a friend and I hosted a Prep, Freeze, Cook party and rather than keep the meals to freeze for ourselves we gave them to a new mom (who had 3 older busy kids). She then had ten meals she pull out of the freezer and prepare, all with instructions. We chose mostly crock pot recipes, as it always made me feel so “Holly Homemaker” when my kids were little to have the house full of the aromas of a meal, bonus I instructed her husband how VERY easy it was to throw something in the crock pot before he left for work.

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