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10 Teacher Gift Ideas Under $10 (as recommended by teachers!)

10 Teacher Gift Ideas Under $10 (as recommended by teachers!)

Coming up with creative teacher gift ideas kind of stresses me out. I am so grateful for my kids’ teachers. They put so much time, and energy, and love into their jobs and caring for my children – I want them to know how much we appreciate them. At the same time, it can be hard to know what they want, or like, or need.

$10 Teacher Gift Ideas

So, with Teacher Appreciation Week right around the corner, I reached out to my mom (a teacher), her network of teacher friends, and my mother-in-law (a retired teacher and school counselor). 

And it has changed (for the better!) the way I’ll give gifts to my kids’ teachers.

Here are some very popular teacher gift ideas that are *super* easy to give and guaranteed to be well-received!

$10 Teacher Gift Ideas


1. Gift cards. This was the #1 answer, and everyone said the same thing – it doesn’t need to be a lot! Just enough to buy a coffee at Starbucks is much-appreciated, and you can guarantee it will be used. Here are some suggestions for favorite gift cards for teachers:

2. Sharpies. Several teachers said they love getting Sharpies (and this fills a need, too – they’re fun but they will also be used!), Metallic sharpies (gold and silver) were also mentioned as being a specific need/want.

3. Journals. Blank journals are inexpensive, cute, and will be put to use.

$10 Teacher Gift Ideas

4. Teacher supply baskets filled with handy but inexpensive teacher goodies like pens, paper clips, post-its, stickers, etc. (this could run over $10, but if you find a discount store or shop the dollar bins at Target, you can keep the cost way down).

5. Books for the classroom (my son is really excited about the US Presidents – I love the idea of buying some new books about the Presidents for his class).

6. Credit to the school cafeteria. This idea is from my mother-in-law, who mentioned that teachers have to pay for their food or drinks from the cafeteria, too – and many teachers will get a drink every day. Super easy and one of those things I know anyone would appreciate.

Printable Teacher Gift Cards & Gift for Busy Mornings

7. Favorite drinks or lunch from a favorite local restaurant. If you know what your child’s teacher likes to eat or drink, this is a small gesture that can really mean a lot.

8. Homemade treats. Add one of these cute printables for a personal touch. 

9. Summer (or Winter) break “survival kit” (specifically, I am thinking a $5 Starbucks card, some chap stick and sunscreen – that sort of thing).

10. Handwritten note from the child. I’m having my kids each write a little note to their teacher this year telling them what they love about them. You can use this printable template to guide them.

Teacher Appreciation Day Printable

11. DIY Thanks for Helping Me Grow potted plant (inexpensive and relatively easy to make…but SUPER adorable)

12. Highlighters and this cute teacher appreciation printable.

13. Nailpolish and this cute printable tag.

14. This cute “Busy Morning” kit with printable gift tag, gift card envelope, and poem.

15. All you need is some red yarn to DIY this apple pom pom garland

DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

One thing they all said they didn’t need? Mugs. I know teachers are grateful for everything they get from their students, but mugs are a popular gift – so it’s not something they necessarily need.

Use the list above for teacher gift ideas and really, I don’t think you can go wrong! 

If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to follow my Teacher Gift Ideas Pinterest board!

Follow Carrie Lindsey’s board Teacher Gift Ideas on Pinterest.

What is your favorite teacher gift to give? Or if you’re a teacher, what do you love to receive?

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I love getting them something for themselves though…they do so much for our kids! Great post!

I wish TPT had been around when I was teaching…such a GREAT resource. I know at Connor’s school they ask for gift cards to there! LOL

Also, they have ruled the market due to their anatomical
constructions of shoes that make the shoes anti-stress with special shock absorption system.

The world is really shrinking and ideas are being shared around the globe at
a rapid pace. The cable breaking system is also new feature added to
the line of three wheel strollers.

As a teacher, all of these sound great! But I would have to agree, gift cards to buy a little treat are awesome!

Great idea on the gift card. I hope your kids have a fabulous end of year with their teachers. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

My son is in kindergarten and wanted to surprise his teacher with a gift.I’m on a low budget.I was looking for gifts under $10.Find this post very insightful.

i do not know what to get


do you think they like gifts cards?

thank you
are helpful


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